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Published: 06th April 2011
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< BR> Gome has issued a public notice, Chairman and CEO Chen Xiao way to gift 7,000 shares will be transferred to his daughter Ye Chen, and Chen Xiao U.S. interests in the country is not any change.

Some time ago on the outgoing Chen Xiao

States United States

Rumors uproar, so the industry speculation, the stock transfer is not to retreat in the country CHEN prepare the United States?

In fact, Chen Xiao and national labor contract that the United States Chen Xiao will continue to serve in the next three years, Gome. In the eyes of Chen Xiao, the "national crisis in the United States has been through the best moments." In the eyes of outsiders, Chen Xiao and this is closely related to the crisis.

Fire captain

Reproduce the scene at that time:

Wong Kwong Yu detained

After a sharp decline in GOME results. Later, according to statistics, China the United States for the first time in 2008 revenue and profits lower than in


, And the fourth quarter, which

Huang Guangyu

Arrested after


Loss of approximately 500 million yuan net profit.

Huang Guangyu arrested after rumors first 9 days, the National Board of Directors held an emergency session of the United States, was appointed president Chen Xiao act as Chairman of the Board. At that time, the U.S. announced the suspension state, and then a reminder on some suppliers, the U.S. withdrawal of China, Bank of reminders such negative news spread like wildfire. Chen Xiao hastily took a staff into the fire captain at this time.

Order to change the predicament, Chen Xiao made many changes, large purchases by 30 billion yuan to stabilize a single supplier, and has taken "to improve the billing cycle funds" and other measures. This is also called the States United States the industry has entered a "gentle" and Xiao-time.

2009 1 18, the management of the country the United States, I finally get in touch with yellow, after communications, Wong Kwong Yu resigned from office in all listed companies, Chen Xiao become Chairman of the Board. Steer the country into the U.S., Chen Xiao quickly developed a strategy in 2009, Optimizing the external supplier relationships, internal and optimize network resources, store, or the next stage of development, countries the U.S. will no longer rely solely on the number of stores to get the growth momentum, while will improve the quality of single-store business priority.

Shanghai Jiao

Home Appliances

Business Industry Association, commented Han Jianhua CHEN: "He gives the feeling of poise, elegance, not combative. But he is actually a mind, heart more innovation."

After he and his management team's efforts GOME, on June 23, suspended for 7 months old Gome Holdings Limited ("GOME") for restoration of the same day rose nearly 69%. Gome again after resumption of trading industry attention.

The State Council Development Research Center of the Economic Advisory Centre, Market Economy Institute deputy director of the China Market Research Project Leader appliances, household appliances industry veteran Lu Renbo "China Sankei Shimbun," told reporters, Chen Xiao is a managed, reflective, attention to details of the entrepreneurs, have a good execution, while very good at operating level.

"So far, the United States or the country for the better, it can not be separated CHEN efforts and contributions. No matter how much he shares in the United States in the country, to think from a business point of view, he is qualified." Chen Xiao Lu Renbo commented.

Xiao-appliance chain industry in the calculations of the figures known as the iron into the medium and large home appliance chain of Da in the industry than 14 years later, Gome's Huang Guangyu than 9 years later, Bi Suning's Zhang Jindong, 6 years later . However, Xiao-only 9 years, 2005 in Hong Kong Main Board listing, IPO raised 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars, becoming the youngest home appliance chain industry.

"Could not handle" embarrassing

Familiar with Huang Guangyu know that, to the character of Huang Guangyu, Chen Xiao power no matter how big, are within the scope of its control. Therefore, Chen Xiao body, there have been no potential, overhead like rumors, we did not seem to believe that he can grasp the overall situation. Wong Kwong Yu, the face of the family, Chen Xiao in the eyes of the outside world seemed somewhat embarrassed.

Beijing Gome
in high-level, from Paradise CHEN only one person has called his country the United States "the most isolated president."

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